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La Jolla, California

La Jolla’s name is a somewhat controversial subject among town historians. No one knows where the name originated – whether it comes from the Spanish word La Joya (which means “the jewel”) or from the Indian term Woholle (meaning “hole in the mountains”), an appropriate name considering the caves and rock formations along La Jolla’s shoreline. The name has appeared in all land grant and mission records since 1928 and in scattered documents at least back to 1870 when they appeared spelled “L-a-J-o-y-a”.Source

Things To Do In La Jolla:

Come Spend A Day In La Jolla!

From the crashing waves to the award-winning culinary creations, La Jolla sparkles with sights and attractions in a picturesque village where everything is immersed in a casual, relaxed luxury. Strolling through the village on “date night” or vacationing in one of the village’s signature hotels guarantees luxury and leisure with seaside serenity. Only minutes from downtown, La Jolla promises a sun-kissed Southern California experience like no other.Source

Education in La Jolla

About La Jolla Educational System

If you have children or know you may one day, you know how important schooling is or will be. With such variance in education, you naturally want to make sure your child is getting the right experience, the best one for helping them to grow and succeed.Source

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History of La Jolla:

La Jolla is rich in history!

Artifacts have been found throughout La Jolla over the decades, indicating that Native Americans settled along the shoreline nearly 10,000 years ago. Archaeologists have found stone utensils and Indian metates.Source

La Jolla’s Neighborhood

Check out La Jolla’s Neighborhood

It’s a good one. In my opinion, La Jolla is down-to-earth relative to similar affluent communities in the nation. We had the highest average housing prices in the nation in 2008 ($1.85 million) and ($2.14 million) 2009, though I’m not sure what it is today it’s probably still up there. From funky (multi-million dollar) beach shacks to condo complexes to custom estates, you see a little bit of everything here housing-wise.Source

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