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Northridge, California

Northridge is a city found in California, The United States Of America. It is located 34.23 latitude and -118.54 longitude and it is situated at elevation 248 meters above sea level. Northridge has a population of 68,469 making it the 128th biggest city in California. It operates on the PDT time zone, which means that it follows the same time zone as Los Angeles.Source

Things To Do In Northridge:

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The beauty of living in Northridge CA is that there are so many fun and exciting things to do. This place is awesome because when you get an apartment for rent in Northridge, you are literally right there in the action. You are just minutes away from having fun, and for many young families and young people looking to enjoy their life, this is certainly an exceptional option.Source

Education in Northridge

About Northridge Educational System

More recently, larger apartment complexes and condominium buildings have been built to accommodate younger residents and students at California State University, Northridge. Many aerospace and defense contracting companies emerged in Northridge, thriving off of the space race and the Cold War arms race.Source

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History of Northridge:

Northridge is rich in history!

Like much of the San Fernando Valley, Northridge was first home to the Native American Tongva (“people of the earth”) and Tataviam (“people facing the sun”), who first arrived in the area over 2,000 years ago, and whose descendants still live in the Valley. Spanish Missionaries arrived to the area in 1769, claiming the entire San Fernando Valley for the King of Spain. In 1797 they established the Mission San Fernando Rey de España.Source

Northridge’s Neighborhood

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Farm land eventually proved more valuable as housing than as agricultural land, as WWII veterans moved into the area and abundant citrus groves were replaced with housing tracts. Most of the single family homes in Northridge are original or modified tract homes from that era.Source

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